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"PJ Lumber Co. is a family owned hardwood concentration mill located within a mile or two of the Port of Mobile in Alabama, USA.  We offer a wide variety of specialty products, predominantly in White Oak, but also in Red Oak and Southern White Ash.  While we welcome domestic business, all of our products are stocked export prepped, ready to ship to any place in the world.  We average stuffing and shipping 6-8 containers per day, every day, all year long.  We operate 7 rip saws daily, stocking 3"-12" parallel-ripped strips in both FAS and Rustic grades.  In addition to our extensive offerings of ripped-to-width strips, we also stock large volumes of random width, random length FAS and #1 Common, 4/4-8/4, in White Oak, Red Oak, and Southern White Ash.

As third and forth generation lumbermen, family owned PJ Lumber Co. can supply the volume you need, be it 1 package or 25 containers, at a competitive price with a focus on exceptional quality and customization.  We have the capability to supply the most specialized of products in large volumes, be it lumber or sawn lamellas.  Contact us today, and let us meet
your hardwood lumber needs and exceed your expectations. "

In addition to our Hardwood Lumber Products we offer Custom Storage and Off Loading of Inbound Lumber Cargos.  We can handle up to 36' Length material.  Call for a quote.

PJ Lumber

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Extra care is taken to ensure that shipments arrive
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Precision machinery ensures that the wood is cut
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